About Us

Kris Lindahl Real Estate was originally founded in 2018 in Minnesota, and serves an ever-growing community throughout the Midwest. While many brokerages focus solely on the transaction, we are proud to offer an ongoing relationship with all of our clients,extending our service to helping you furnish a new home, and being able to recommend trusted contractors for any need that should arise. Owning your own home should be a joyful experience, and we’re here to help you keep it that way.

10 Years Experience
Flexible Delivery
Free Installation
After Sales Support
5 Years Warranty

It's Never Been Easier!

Shop with Confidence

Overwhelmed by bare rooms and too many choices? We're here to help! Our staging team knows how to transform spaces in an instant, because we do this each and every day.

Get Exclusive Savings

When you shop at a big box furniture store, you can only get the best deals at certain times of the year that work best for them. We are proud to partner with international companies to find quality products at affordable prices, and pass on these exclusive savings directly to our Kris Lindahl Real Estate clientsno matter when you shop.

World Class Quality

From rich leathers to sustainably harvested Asian hardwoods, our curated collection has been hand selected to offerour buyers a wide variety of beautiful, high quality pieces at multiple budget points. Our site is constantly being updated with thelatest styles from manufacturers all over the world.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Got a few inspirations you’d like to try out?
We give you permission to go big AND go home! Our team can help with color recommendations, scale tips and texture ideas to bring your ideas to life. Our stagers are also pros at combining contrasting styles in a way that still looks cohesive and functions amazingly well. While interior design has its “rules” our stagers love to approach every space with a spirit of optimism and playfulness. We can’t wait to work with you!


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